British Race Festival

Saturday and Sunday 8 and 9 July we will again be heading to Zandvoort. Not to participate in the regularity runs organised by the Vintage Revival, an event for pre war cars which takes place simultaneously, but to actually race with the British Vintage Sports Car Club who are bringing their ‘ODM’ championship races to the Dutch track for the first time giving Thijs the opportunity to do some proper racing on home turf. ODM stands for Owner Driver Mechanic, meaning the driver has to both own the car he’s driving and be his own mechanic. About 20 pre war sports cars, from a Talbot to a Riley and lots of M.G.s in between, take to the track for qualifying on Saturday at 11 o’clock with the first race scheduled for 16h45. Their second race will be on at 11h20 on the Sunday. Because both races are for sports cars as opposed to racing cars, Thijs will be running with wings and head lamps, so he’ll be a bit heavier than usual.

There’s a few perfect opportunities to take your own M.G. out on the track as well, either through one of the sessions set up by the overall organisation or through the MG Car Club’s private session. See for more info. ‘Hope to see you there!

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